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Woman on sandwich board march after receiving 100 job rejections

A South Tyneside jobseeker who has applied for 100 jobs in the last four months has launched her own campaign to find work.

Joanne Rossiter donned a sandwich board bearing the words ‘wanted, full time job’ and marched through King Street, South Shields, on Saturday, in the hope of catching the eye of prospective employers.

She also visited shops on the high street and handed out her CV to offer her services.

Mrs Rossiter then travelled to the Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland, later in the afternoon in another effort to put herself in the shop window for work.

She says she will continue to don the sandwich board whenever she is out and about – until she finally secures employment.

The 45-year-old, from Chichester Road, South Shields, has been unemployed for four months, despite scouring the internet for positions and attending regular job centre appointments.

The mum-of-three says Christmas “could be cancelled” if she doesn’t get a job.

After being employed for most of the last 20 years, she says being jobless is ‘soul destroying and degrading’.

She has had just two interviews – with those employers failing to call back to provide vital feedback for why she wasn’t chosen for the role.

Mrs Rossiter was a shop worker at Iceland for five years before taking up a new job as a support worker.

She left that position after 12 days after feeling it wasn’t suitable for her, but has been unable to get a foot back on the career ladder ever since.

She said: “I have been out of work for more than four months now and I’ve applied for about 100 jobs.

“I have been looking and applying for jobs every day but so far I have only had a couple of interviews.

“Being out of work is degrading and soul destroying.

“Doing this is a last resort.

“I just want to show how much I want to work.

“I just want any job with 30 hours.

“Keeping up with paying the bills is getting tough.”

Mrs Rossiter, who lives with son Adam Rossiter, 18, says Christmas could be cancelled if she can’t get back in the workplace.

She added: “Just thinking about it upsets me. I won’t be celebrating Christmas this year, unless I can get a job.”

As well as hoping to attract a new boss, she hopes her employment plea will make interviewers think twice about the impact their decisions make on potential recruits.

> Potential work units – that’s how we’re seen, robots without feelings.

She says she recently attended an interview and has yet to hear back over why she didn’t get the job.

She added: “I hope this will show just how much getting a job means to me.

“Maybe it will make employers think again when they don’t get back to you after an interview.

“You are left waiting by the phone, when their feedback is important to you.”

Mrs Rossiter has been delighted by the support she has received from friends and family for her unique job application.

She added: “I posted on Facebook about what I was going to do and everyone has been very supportive, telling me they hope I find a job.”

Source –  Shields Gazette,  17 Nov 2014