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Times are hard for (nearly) everyone, and particularly for those finding themselves existing on benefits.  And every indication is that it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

We have the promise of years more austerity, cutbacks in services, rises in prices, a widening gap between the rich minority at the top and an ever growing number of the poorest at the bottom, increasingly being cut adrift – and to add insult to injury, being blamed for everything, as if being at the wrong end of society was in itself a dastardly plot to bring down civilization.

George Orwell, in 1984, wrote “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.”

The boots are here. The stamping has begun.

Despite this, there seems to be very little organized opposition amongst those on the receiving end – nationally and especially here in North East England.  I know – I’ve been looking !

So this blog is intended as a first step towards rectifying that situation, raising another voice in protest locally. A small thing, but even the longest journey starts with a single step.

After all, as our beloved leader never tires of telling us, “we’re all in it together”.  Trouble is, some of us are in it up to our necks… and still sinking.

toff urchin

still sinking…


  1. Methusalada

    Congratulations on your Blog !
    I am beginning to see many people the UK waking up & fighting back particularly amongst the disabled.
    It’s unwise for any political to pick on and isolate disabled people. Even the Labour Party are finding that out now. .

    • untynewear

      I’m not actually disabled myself…not yet, anyway – though I do now have more-or-less constant bronchitis, which although it doesn’t stop me doing things at present, I can see a few years down the line its going to cause problems. Just hoping I wont be having to sleep in damp shop doorways by the time I get there…:(

  2. Methusalada

    I figured that out for myself UITW, neither was I 12 years ago . The disabled fall into two broad sections :-
    1. Those who are born with a disability & generally belong to specialised clubs/association & often form their only local clubs . Some of these are very active & it is not uncommon to find some of their members are very active in all kinds of professions ,solicitors, accountants, teachers, writers, painters etc.,etc, etc . Keep your ears & eyes open for such people as they maybe able to help you. Unfortunately this group of people also has people with learning difficulties who some what restricted in how they can help, but well contacting a local group leader. . I have deliberately named in particular group for reasons I can explain later .It is not uncommon to find that many Tories / Liberals are well connected to some of these groups but don’t let that put you off trying to make contact.
    2. This group of disabled people I categorised into 3 sections , but all have had their disability thrust upon them by
    (A) Illness (B) accident and (C) self inflicted. You may like to ponder upon why I put the self inflicted in the C category . However I do not believe that any of these groups or sections have been gifted by a supreme being as I am an agnostic humanist. But you shall discover that there are many who do, but I beg you, not to go down that road of enlightenment . If you do you ,then you may find yourself a very unhappy chappy. I offer this comment from my own personal experience.
    As for myself I am in the 2nd group section A with multiple disabilities too numerous to mention or bore you with.
    Some describe people like my self as having hidden disabilities. Which is a polite way of saying He/She looks normal nothing wrong him.
    I wrote this to help you as one day you shall meet a disabled person . Then you can say ” I have a friend on the internet would you like to meet him” The rest we must leave to providence .

    • untynewear

      I’m a 2(a)too…or will be should things deteriorate further. Work-related – caught some kind of flu-like virus, had a couple of days off then the boss was on the phone, “when are you coming back ?”. So I went back when I really ought to have taken a week out, relapsed after half a day, then was off work for nearly 3 weeks with the acute bronchitis that’s been with me ever since… 9 years now. It can be uncomfortable at times, but not disabling yet.

      Incidentally, if anyone reading this has anything a bit dibilitating, make sure the Jobcentre adviser puts it on your file and, if you can, on your Jobseekers Agreement. I’ve got it added to mine that I should avoid jobs that involve a lot of dust, fumes, etc.

      • Gallowgatender

        Nothing will ever be done about injustice, until we overcome apathy among the vast majority of those who suffer from it.

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