North Star Bulletin – 08 July 2015

Today’s posts round-up

As I’m moving operations over to the North Star forum, I shall from now on (excepting special circumstances) be posting a summary of daily posts with links instead of the posts themselves on this blog.

Readers can choose which ones, if any, they want to view, and it saves me time and extra work.

You can still repost stuff on your blog if desired, you’ll just have to cut & paste it. A link back to the forum would be nice.

You can also comment on most posts on the forum as a visitor. To start threads you need to sign up.
American County clerks jobless for the ‘glory of God’

Take Duchy from Prince Charles, conference to be told

Guides on Policing and the Law for Campaigners Against Fracking

Osborne Introduces New ‘Living Wage’ But Cuts Tax Credits

Budget 2015: What It Means For Welfare And Pensions

Over 200 jobs could be axed on South Tyneside

‘People on benefits being made to pay for economic climate’,

Bill Quay Community Farm in danger of closure

Coal workers take respiratory illness fight to High Court

Newcastle Muslims invite West End community to Iftar feast

Wolsingham protests over tree felling


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