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North Star forum is now live – http://northstar.boards.net/

This will hopefully continue the work of this blog in a more interactive way.

This blog continues for the moment, but may be phased out eventually.

Anyone registering as a forum member has to have their application approved (a measure to help weed out spammers before they start trying to sell us counterfeit handbgs, etc).

Approval time may vary, because it depends on me being online – in some cases it could be almost instantaneous, at others it may be a few hours.

Once approved, you should get an email with a link – you need to click that link to complete your registration.

The forum itself is pretty much self-explanatory, so I’ll let you look for yourself rather than list categories here.

Nothing is set in stone, though. Some categories may not prove to be of interest and will eventually be removed, while new category suggestions are welcome.

Well, hopefully this experiment will prove worthwhile. It’s not cost anything, except some of my time, and I’ve got quite a lot of that to spare at the moment.

Hope you enjoy it.