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South Shields Jobcentre – not so good for the disabled

An amputee searching for a work says he was made to feel “deflated” when he was left stranded after being called to a meeting at a North East Jobcentre.

Graeme Moore, who lost his left leg to a nerve-damaging disease, was optimistic when he was invited to South Shields Jobcentre, for talks about a place on a course in sports development.

The 53-year-old has been out of work since having to give up his job as a swimming coach so he could adapt to his new life as an amputee.

But his optimism turned to despair after he arrived at the centre, in Chapter Row, South Shields, last month.

He was informed the meeting was on the first floor – and that there was no public lift.

Mr Moore managed to get up the stairs, but that left him in “excruciating pain”, he says.

He says it was only when he raised the problem with staff on the first floor that he was told there was a staff lift he could have used.

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