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They might demand entry, but I’m certain they have no legal right.

You could draw a comparison with the TV Licence people (who, as a weirdo who doesn’t have a TV set, and therefore no TV licence, I’ve come to know very well…).

Their inspectors occasionally turn up unexpectedly and, upon being told I have no TV, demand to be allowed in to check for themselves.
To which the answer is – “Certainly, as soon as you come back with a search warrant and a policeman“, because that’s what they have to do – get a judge to issue a search warrant, and they must be accompanied by a copper.

Can’t see it’d be any different for a DWP official.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

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In today’s scary news, it has emerged that the DWP are claiming the right to enter the home of people in receipt of a variety of benefits, demand to see their ID and financial documents, and interrogate them for an hour or more. All without prior warning.

While the DWP have always had teams that investigate fraud – including spying on people through their windows from parked cars – the idea that they can select you at random and turn up unannounced appears to be new. What happens if you turn the DWP officer away is not stated.  While the website says “You can reschedule your appointment if you need to” it also says  “You won’t always get a letter in advance telling you about the visit.” Of course this is very likely to be backed up with the usual “you do not have to comply but…

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