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Sunderland priest and his family join hundreds of protesters against Trident

A Sunderland  clergyman is among hundreds who have turned out to fight plans for Britain’s nuclear weapons programme.

Rev Chris Howson, who is based at Sunderland Minister, his wife Katriona, and their daughters Clara, 10, and Angela, seven, are among the crowd blockading the Faslane military base on the River Clyde in Scotland.

The protest against Trident at Faslane in Scotland. 

They are among a North East contingency who have made Bairns Not Bombs banners, with some members of the protest chaining themselves in to prevent anyone entering or leaving the site.

Wear 4 Peace has around 15 people at the event.

Rev Howson, who travelled to Scotland overnight with his family, said:

“We’re protesting against Trident, which would cost £100billion at a time when Sunderland is facing cuts in its services and terrible devastation to its public sector.

“It’s amoral.”

People from across the world are taking part in today’s protest, and Rev Howson say the group will remain in place for as long as possible.

Trident is a sea-based nuclear weapons system which was acquired by Margaret Thatcher Government in the early 1980s as a replacement for the Polaris missile system which the UK had possessed since the 1960s.

Trident came into use in the 1990s, with a proposal to renew it sparking the protest today and other demonstrations.

Source – Sunderland Echo, 13 Apr 2015