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North Star Bulletin 05 July 2015

Today’s posts round-up –

As I’m moving operations over to the North Star forum, I shall from now on (excepting special circumstances) be posting a summary of daily posts with links instead of the posts themselves on this blog.

Readers can choose which ones, if any, they want to view, and it saves me time and extra work.

You can still repost stuff on your blog if desired, you’ll just have to cut & paste it. A link back to the forum would be nice.

You can also comment on most posts on the forum as a visitor. To start threads you need to sign up.

Mexican Demons attacked in covert operation

Higher Earners To Lose Thousands In Social Housing Subsidy

North East UKIP official who shared racist Facebook posts will keep his job

New homes for social rent falls to an all-time low in NE

North East can’t afford to pay council tax

Anti-Fascist Demo, Stockton, Sat 4th July


Benefits For Young People Should Be Repayable Loans… Say Tory MPs

An influential group of Tory MPs have called for young person’s unemployment benefits to be turned into repayable loans, it has been reported.

It’s claimed that the move would provide young people with “an additional incentive to find work rather than allow the debt to build up”.

The suggestion is included in a book by the right-wing Conservative MP, Kwasi Kwarteng.

Mr Kwarteng and junior Tory MPs call for the shrinking of the welfare state and a return to a contributory benefits system – the more you pay in the more you get out.

The book – ‘A Time For Choosing: Free Enterprise in Twenty-First Century Britain’ – says:

Young individuals who have not yet paid national insurance contributions for a certain period, five years say, could receive their unemployment benefit in the form of a repayable loan.

“Turning an entitlement into a loan would mean that people would still be supported while out of work, but would have an additional incentive to find work rather than allow the debt to build up.”

Full story : http://northstar.boards.net/thread/87/benefits-young-people-repayable-loans

Labour leadership hopefuls queue to kick claimants – even in speech to tax avoidance auditors

MPs hoping to be the Labour party’s next leader or deputy leader are lining up to kick claimants as they seek to blame anyone but themselves for the disastrous election result. In one case the attack on claimants was made from the offices of accountants who narrowly escaped prosecution for involvement in tax dodging.

Leadership front-runner Andy Burnham supports the Conservative’s plans to lower the level of the household benefits cap, plunging more families into poverty, According to the Independent Burnham argued that people see Labour as being “soft on people who want something for nothing”.

In a speech to Ernst and Young, the accountancy firm which paid out £82 million in 2013 to avoid criminal charges in the US for aiding tax dodgers, Burnham argued:

“I was talking about an impression on the doorstep and there is that feeling, some people say, that Labour want to be soft on people who want something for nothing. We’ve got to be honest about that. That is a feeling that’s out there, that was still being replayed at this election.”

Read rest of the article at:




North Star forum is now live – http://northstar.boards.net/

This will hopefully continue the work of this blog in a more interactive way.

This blog continues for the moment, but may be phased out eventually.

Anyone registering as a forum member has to have their application approved (a measure to help weed out spammers before they start trying to sell us counterfeit handbgs, etc).

Approval time may vary, because it depends on me being online – in some cases it could be almost instantaneous, at others it may be a few hours.

Once approved, you should get an email with a link – you need to click that link to complete your registration.

The forum itself is pretty much self-explanatory, so I’ll let you look for yourself rather than list categories here.

Nothing is set in stone, though. Some categories may not prove to be of interest and will eventually be removed, while new category suggestions are welcome.

Well, hopefully this experiment will prove worthwhile. It’s not cost anything, except some of my time, and I’ve got quite a lot of that to spare at the moment.

Hope you enjoy it.