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Liz Kendall Vows To Scrap Work Programme

Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall has vowed to scrap the government’s hated Work Programme, if she becomes the next party leader.

Criticising the controversial back to work scheme, dubbed ‘workfare’ by its opponents, Ms Kendall branded the Work Programme a “failed experiment in welfare privatisation”.

> And yet, in their general election manifesto, Labour seemed quite prepared to continue with workfare, and indeed were bigging themselves up as prepared to be harsher with the unemployed than the Tories.

Local authorities would be granted new powers to help the long-term unemployed into work. This may include allowing councils to hire (contract) local employment support providers.

Employment support could be specially tailored to better meet the needs of jobseekers and the skills requirements of local businesses. However, it remains unclear as to how it would be funded.

Ms Kendall is expected to make the pledge as part of a speech, where she will argue that councils are best placed to spread wealth and opportunity at a local level.

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