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Newcastle-based muslim leader condemns David Cameron’s move to seek air strikes

A muslim leader in the North East has condemned David Cameron’s decision to take military action in Iraq and Syria.

But Abu Tayeb was quick to speak out against Isis’ brutal acts of terrorism, demanding that a peaceful solution to the crisis should be sought.

Mr Tayeb, from the Newcastle-based North East’s Islamic Diversity Centre, said: “

As much as I oppose Isis and their terrorism – I equally oppose this new bombing campaign by the ‘Coalition forces’ aka terrorism by governments.

“More innocent people will be killed no doubt and, of course, more terrorism will spread.

“Has the UK and US not got enough blood on their hands?”

Mr Tayeb hopes to promote a better understanding about the teachings of Islam across the region.

He said:

Islam does not stand for the barbaric acts carried out by Isis but it’s important to remember that muslims do not have a monopoly on this type of extremist behaviour.

“We want to send out a clear message that as muslims, it is our duty to speak out against any type of extremism. Isis kills innocent people, including many muslims.”

But Mr Tayeb dismissed the Prime Minister’s decision to seek military action in the form of air strikes.

He said:

“Violence breeds violence. No matter what they say, these raids will lead to innocent people suffering.

“To that innocent person on the ground, these air strikes are terrorist acts and we believe they will only add to the anti western feeling.

“If anything, these type of acts make matters worse, intervention is not the way forward.”

Mr Tayeb, who networks extensively in the region’s Islamic community, said there is a unified feeling against the barbaric acts carried out by Isis against British and American citizens.

He added:

All the Imams I have spoken to all feel the same, all have condemned this type of extremism and terrorism – they stand united in that regard.”

The North East’s Islamic Diversity Centre says it is working hard to remove many misconceptions about Islam in order to create greater harmony in Newcastle and across the North East.

Source – Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 25 Sept 2014

In case you think the media aren’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes


On 16 March this year, around 112,000 people marched in Melbourne, Australia, against the policies of its government that are clearly against any principles of decency, fairness, social justice or just plain humanity.

It was one of many marches across Australia that day for the same purpose – some of the largest in the country’s history – yet you probably never heard of it. No surprise – even the Australian media chose to almost completely ignore the protest, focusing instead on the St Patrick’s Day revelries that took place the following day.

All the while, state governments are pushing through laws against protesting with penalties of up to two years’ imprisonment.

In October 2012, I was one of hundreds of thousands of people marching through London in protest against our own (excuse for a) government’s policies of victimisation and demonisation of ordinary people to smooth the way for draconian penalisation…

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