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St. Anne’s Ward, Sunderland. Election Result

Ooops, forgot this was due !  City council bye-election caused by the resignation of a Labour councillor convicted of benefit fraud.

An interesting one, because it pitted two of the lesser parties (Green and UKIP) against Labour and the Conservatives (the Lib Dems wisely decided not to contest – there’s only so much humiliation a party can stand, even one willing to sell its soul so cheaply).

Would voters give the finger to the right wing parties (including Labour nowadays) and elect a Green candidate ?  Why not ?

Why not ? Because this is Sunderland, and Labour would win seats like this even if Red Ed Milliband came and personally slaughtered every first-born in the ward. So…


In total 1,971 votes were cast, with six papers rejected, out of an electorate of 8,493.

Jacqui Gallagher (Labour)     945

Aileen Casey (UKIP)                 555

Tony Morrissey (Con)              345

Emily Blyth (Green)                  120


Turnout – 23.2 %   Less than a quarter – maybe that’s the figure that really says it all – 76.8% of those entitled to vote didn’t. Something local politicians should be meditating on… especially the Greens, who with a bit of effort could probably clean up with the protest vote.