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Anarchists and socialists in Middlesbrough claim building occupation was a success

Activists who occupied a well-known Trade Union building are claiming the direct action was a success.

 A dozen members of the Teesside Anarchist Network, Teesside Solidarity and various individuals occupied the Trade Union-owned Cleveland Trade Unionists and Unemployed Workers Centre on Marton Road, Middlesbrough on Friday.

The activists said the building was neglected and dilapidated and should be renovated and put to good use for various activities like a clothing bank, advice centre, creche and bookshop.

Cleveland Police were called and the anarchists and socialists agreed to leave after Cleveland Trades Council representatives agreed to meet with them to discuss how the building could be better used.

A statement by Teesside Anarchist Network said: “Direct action gets the goods.”

Bob Stephenson, secretary of Cleveland Trades Council, said:

“Those people do not have any connection with us or our centre. They said they were trying to support us but their actions have done more harm than good. They gained access by booking a room under an other name.”

However, one of the activists, Karen Kirkham, responded online saying:
Bob, it achieved talk and recognition, more than what the building will achieve if it’s left to become dilapidated to the point were demolishing is the only answer. The building is worth people’s efforts, or do you not agree with that? Let it be left to fall into nothing but rubble.”
Source – Northern Echo, 04 May 2015

Teesside Anarchists occupy Middlesbrough building in May Day demonstration

Teesside Anarchist Network have occupied the Cleveland Trade Unionists & Unemployed Workers Union Centre on Marton Road, Middlesbrough

Protestors “occupied” a Middlesbrough trade union building as part of a May Day protest against its underuse.

Members of the Teesside Anarchist Network held a peaceful protest at the Cleveland Trade Unionists and Unemployed Workers Centre, on Marton Road, Middlesbrough.

The network said the building has been neglected, the top floor is inaccessible and rain pours in through the roof. Protestors say the building is currently not used to its full potential, but they have so far failed to get a positive response from trustees.

A statement from the Teesside Anarchist Network said:

“This is a real tragedy and a far cry from what was envisaged by the local workers whose contributions paid for the centre.

“The centre could and should be brought back to life; think of the things that could be happening there. It could so easily be used to house facilities such as a clothing bank, advice centre, healthy eating project, creche, a bookshop.

“It should be open to all the groups in Middlesbrough who are struggling in the aftermath of the bankers’ crisis and austerity.”

The protest began at MIMA at 4pm, and made its way to the centre on Marton Road. A police van was later seen outside the premises during the occupation.

A statement on the Teesside Anarchist Network’s Facebook page tonight read:

“Trustees of Cleveland Trade Unionists and Unemployed Workers Resource Centre have agreed to our demand to meet with us within seven days to discuss renovation of the centre as a viable project.”

> Good for them !

Source – Middlesbrough Evening Gazette, 02 May 2015