Hebburn businesswoman turns spare room into food bank

A Hebburn woman is hoping to help put food on the table of South Tyneside families struggling to make ends meet.

After her plans got out, she was inundated with generous donations from members of the public and, what was just an idea, quickly became a reality.

The 46-year-old said:

“I’ve got my own clothing alterations and repair shop and, a couple of months ago, I began thinking about turning the upstairs of the shop into a food bank.

“There is nothing like this in Hebburn that I’m aware of and I know what it is like to struggle.”

“A few people found out and started dropping off donations. At that point I hadn’t made my mind up but with the donations coming in, I thought I might as well go ahead with the idea.”

Despite only officially running the food bank for just over a week, Jo has been able to help three families who were left struggling to put food on the table.

Full story :  http://northstar.boards.net/thread/125/hebburn-businesswoman-turns-spare-room


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