5 unconventional questions 
to ask interview candidates

Another one of those stupid articles about how applicants are supposed to be sparkling and thinking outside the box, when all they’re applying for is some low-paid menial rubish job they’d rather not be doing if they weren’t desperate. However, it does give some insight into the mindset of interviewers…

Turning an eager candidate into a sobbing shadow of a human being isn’t the outcome most interviewers are going for. Most recruiters agree you get more out of a candidate if they’re at their ease and feeling relatively comfortable.

That said, a fresh line of enquiry can be like a cool drink of water for the frazzled recruiter.

We asked a host of seasoned interviewers for their most revealing quirky questions.

1. If I gave you £1 million, what would you do?

Terry Koutsios, CEO and founder of skills and services marketplace fivesquid.com.

Terry commented: “It’s unexpected – and a great way of testing ambition, personality and creativeness.”

> My answer : I’d vanish with the money, leaving only the cryptic message ; “stuff you and your shit job”.

2.If you had a cinema for one day only, from 6am to midnight – and you could do anything with it – what would you do to make it earn the most revenue?

Rana Harvey, managing 
director of Monster Group (UK)

Rana commented: “It’s designed to see if people can think out of the box. The best ones use the cinema all day, but also maximise on selling advertising.

“Creative ideas have included hiring beauticians to offer full makeovers, converting to a disco at night, with movie rooms. The worst ones just focus on films.”

> My answer : since you stipulate I could do anything with it, I’d run a festival of  horror, science fiction,  b-movies and other interesting films. Admission would be 50p to the unemployed, a fiver to everyone else. So it doesn’t generate revenue ? Tough. not everything can be reduced to pennies and pounds.

Now lets see :  Carnival Of Souls, Fall Of The House of Usher, Creature From The Haunted Sea, Plan 9 From Outer Space, If, Performance, Legend Of Hell House, A Clockwork Orange, This Is England…

3. What do children like about you?

Full Story :  http://northstar.boards.net/thread/107/5-unconventional-ask-interview-candidates


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