MPs to get 10% pay rise whilst benefits face 10% cut

IPSA, the body which sets MPs pay, has today confirmed its intention to give MPs a 10% pay rise, whilst the budget for claimants is set to be cut by more than 10%

According to the TalkTalk website, the £7,000 pay rise for MPs looks certain to go ahead, in spite of prime minister David Cameron saying he thinks it is wrong. In fact, when asked whether Cameron would refuse to take the increase himself, a spokesperson for Downing Street merely said that the rise would go to all MPs “automatically”.

Meanwhile, in a recent report on the planned £12 billion cut in benefits spending, the IFS calculated that this amounted to 10% of the benefits budget that has not already been explicitly protected from cuts.

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  1. Chris

    The flat rate state pension is a cut to the state pension, to at least half of new pensioners retiring next year.

    Lowest flat rate forecast seen so far is £8.39 per week after 45 years in work.

    The Tories keep calling the state pension a benefit, and including it within welfare spending.

    It is not a pension but deferred wages from our youth.

    For new pensioners, we will see for the first time since the state pension was invented, the
    Work til you die or Starve if you can’t.

    The £7,000 per year rise in MPs pay is about the same money as the lost £115.95 per week to new pensioners next year, and to women now who lost pay out from 2013 until at least 2019, and then many lose for life and get nothing.

    It is women older than those who will be hit (along with men from 66 and older) from next year next 5 years of this Tory government.

    As women lose this pay out this year, council jobs are getting wage cuts for about that same amount on top, when the state pension is payable even if remain in work by retirement age.

    Widely share my petition and sign it to make it known how much Tory wives and the Tory grey vote are being betrayed by their own Tory MPs, because they will not care about us poor folk. This is a way to show up the Tories against their own at least.

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