How The Benefit Lies Begin. Ludicrous Claims By Job’s Website Reported As Facts In Tory Press

the void

malcolm-xIt is astonishing how quickly an outright lie told as part of a shoddy marketing campaign can turn into real proper news when it suits the political objectives of the Tory press.

Both the Daily Mail and The Express have run the same triumphant story today claiming that the number of job vacancies has now outstripped the number of unemployed people.  According to the Daily Mail there are now over one million job vacancies and just under 800,000 jobseekers.  Even for the Mail this is a staggering untruth.

The latest Labour Force Survey, conducted by the Officie for National Statistics (ONS), revealed that there are currently 1.83 million officially unemployed people, over double the amount reported by the Daily Mail.  In addition to this there are over 2 million people who are ‘economically inactive’ and want a job but do not meet the strict definition of unemployment set by…

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