Britain’s Right And Their Opposition To Protest

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The British Right (the Tories and Kippers) will tell anyone who will listen that they’re democrats. One form of democracy which they don’t approve of is the protest. Since the general election, there have been a number of anti-austerity protests up and down the country. The Tories seem to believe that because they won 24.3% of the vote, that should be the end of the matter. People should just put up with austerity. The Tories have never been known to brook opposition. If anything, they despise it. That’s why Thatcher abolished the Greater London Council and the metropolitan county councils.

Yesterday’s anti-austerity protest on the day of the State Opening of Parliament is a case in point. UKIP’s sole MP, Douglas Carswell was caught up in the protests and like all good right-wingers, he lapsed into melodrama. He told The Guardian,

“It got extremely, extremely nasty. Their intentions were…

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  1. Chris

    Our political class in the UK have never been in a western democracy.

    Their education is in the aristocratic public school mindset, that continues in the elite Oxford or Cambridge.

    The existence of the House of Lords, of people given aristocratic titles even if not nobility by blood, not voted by the people, and may, indeed, never have been elected by the public in their working lives, means we are entirely in a feudal society still.

    The House of Lords is completely not inside the western democracy theory and system.

    Because our political class remain feudal and trapped in a mindset 1000 years into the past (1066AD and all that Norman stuff) they cannot comprehend society about them nor capitalism / commerce.

    Nor have they ever understood the poor.

    Doing austerity in a recession goes against what history has taught elites throughout the world.

    Do not leave the poor to starve in lean times.

    Roman Emperors gave free bread (those nice big Italian tear and share breads with olive oil, tomato and other veggies in it, so a meal in itself) each morning.

    A hungry population is a dangeorus one, they knew.

    Because the hungry have always risen in revolt throughout history all over the world.

    Our political class think they can starve us to death as they killed the 5 million with the workhouse and the New Poor Law under Queen Victoria, so called the Victorian age in the 19th century.

    Austerity was tried in the 1920s and caused starvation then.

    And did nothing at all to prevent the 1929 banking crash, that happened because of what the finance world did.

    Governments can only make a recession worse by austerity, and cann prevent finance crashes.

    Finance rules finance in the world.

    It always has and always will.

    Do I care.

    Millions like me will get little if NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE
    whilst the best public works pension is still protected for politicians at the same retirement age
    of 60 for women and 65 for men.


    And show up to the Tory wives all the losses coming to them.

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