How many Cabinet members would have failed the trade union ballot test?

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The list of Cabinet members who failed to secure 40% of the vote. They would not have been elected had the same criteria been imposed as strike ballots

Half the members of the new Tory Cabinet were elected on less than 40% of the electorate – failing the government’s own trade union legitimacy test.

Business Secretary Sajid Javid, himself elected by 38.3% of the electorate, yesterday announced new rules concerning strike ballots.

The proposal is that a ballot result would only be valid if: (1) at least 50% of members vote in them and (2) at least 40% of all members vote to support the action.

Therefore, the bare minimum will be 80% yes with a 50% turnout. meaning trade union strike ballots would no longer be declared by a simple majority, but would only become valid if 40% of members voted in them.


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One comment

  1. Chris

    People will vote for strike action now because it prolongs the inevitable massive austerity job cuts in the public sector.

    The same with private companies even more.

    Privatisation of public sector companies will not secure jobs but will lose them. Current staff will have wages cut, contractual terms and conditions lessened and then be bullied out of the job, so the private firm can get cheaper younger staff with lesser terms and conditons.

    With no welfare state left and even worse to come, then it gives people longer time to look for another job.

    Now Labour and the SNP have to work together to vote down such changes. Or Labour could lose some of its trade union donations.

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