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So here we are, day 3 of their term in office and already the tories plan to scrap the Human Rights Act.

Maybe they are worried about the outcome of the Information Commissioners order for them to finally produce the figures about the benefit deaths and think that by scrapping the right to life, they’ll get away with their “crime” of allowing their flawed regime to kill many of our disabled, ill and vulnerable citizens, or “stock” as Lord Freud calls disabled claimants.


I for one shall be writing to my MP opposing this.

If you want to do the same, use this website to find your MP and e mail them directly with your concerns.


GettyMichael Gove and David Cameron
Michael Gove and David Cameron

Pick up the phone and dial the number of any teacher you know, or at least one who has taught…

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  1. Chris

    Scrapping the human rights act does not absolve a nation from international law.

    The UN will be coming back soon to continue their postponed enquiry into early deaths under welfare reform to the disabled.

    The UN cannot look into the wider population as this would show that the EU government and the IMF are doing this under austerity for much of Europe.

    The right to life cannot exist already, because sanctions are many months long, even to pregnant ladies, when medicine knows, on average a person starves to death within one month. It can be less or more dependent on age and health.

    Debt is one of the biggest causes of suicide. Especially in men, but women as well.

    We may all need to leave England and live in Wales (if it devolves its welfare) or Scotland under the SNP (who already has).

    Don’t go to live in Holland, where doctors can commit euthanasia on patients at whim.

    Much like here, where the DNR notice, means the direction to medical staff to starve / thirst a patient to death, even if not terminal, in NHS hospitals. Wehre it is described by the academics as Institutionalised Homicide.


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