People’s Assembly sees demo numbers surge after Tory win

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  1. Chris

    Hope the People’s Assembly march by June is far more than 100,000, as it attained 33,000 in so quick a time.

    There is a new Pensions Minister Ms Ros Atlmann (oddly her last name is German for Old Man).

    The Peop’e’s Assembly might care to encourage the people going on the anti austerity march to sign my petition, to show up the lie that the flat rate state pension is more state pension with a single tier of all getting £155 per week.

    The flat rate state pension is the abolition of the state pension by:

    a) for the first time merging the SERPs opt out and National Insurance record to reckon the state pension money calculation.

    b) by rising the required years of NI record from 30 to 35 years, when it had been reducing for both men and women.

    c) paying nil state pension for less than 10 years NI history, when the SERPs opt out reduces NI record for each year contracted out, yet you had been paying some NI contribution for each year.

    Shown by people already getting forecasts for state pension payout date on and from 6 April 2016, getting official government flat rate state pension rate of only £38 per week, with no top up if had been liable only for the Pension Credit (savings) which is gone. SERPs cannot be topped up as SERPs contribution ends with the flat rate pension.

    There is no single tier flat rate pension, as there will be different state pension amounts paid to different people for decadds to come, if not forever.

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