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There’s seemingly no end of blogs about WHY the Tories ended up back in Government; there also many many posts on social media discussing how disabled people are going to survive when the next round of Welfare Cuts come in; here’s my view…

At the time of writing we don’t yet know Who will be the Work & Pensions Minister, we do now that #McVey, in maybe the only good news of the election, being deselected won’t be there, and Mark Harper has gone as the Minister for disabled people but as for the others, we’ll have to wait?  What I believe is no matter WHO fills their seats (and that of #IDS of course) things will not get any better.

I was SICK of the whole Carbuncle of Welfare Reform before May 7 – now we await with trepidation the announcements of the next round of proposed £12Million of Cuts; we’ve already…

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  1. Chris

    Now that disabled / chronic sick will see the end of the welfare state, the 40 per cent of the over 50s who are disabled / chronic sick also face the end of the state pension already on the cards from 2016.

    The SERPs opt out and the National Insurance record have been merged in 2016, so wiping out NI history, as SERPs began on 6 April 1978, the exact same date that a firm could contract you out.

    But contract you out of what?

    SERPs never existed. All that happened, was that your boss got a 3.4 per cent rebate on his employer’s NI contribution, and you paid only 10.4 per cent NI contribution off your annual wages, instead of the standard 12 per cent NI off your yearly money.

    But despite paying over 10 per cent of your wage, each year you were contracted out of SERPs you lose that year as a NI record.

    So a lot of Tory wives will be hit by that one next year.

    Alongside the poor men and women, with no other pension provision, in this Work til you die or starve if you can’t.
    See why at end of my petition, in my Why is this important section, at:

    Now we need to sign each other’s petitions in huge numbers.
    So you might care to share my petition widely by word of mouth.

    I need help, as I am too knackered, old, disabled, sick and brassic to get out much.

    More detail about what is SERPs on my personal website§;

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