The new model for the left: radical federalism

Life Glug

I’ve argued quite a few times that the new model the left needs to follow must be non-hierarchal and based on linking of local community struggles, rather than top-down organisations like trade unions and the Labour Party. Some have questioned how you can create a mass movement without that kind of global organisation. So I want to explain what I mean by radical federalism.

The Radical Housing Network is an example of some of this in action. At first you have individual groups popping up here and there, protesting evictions, or demolition of a historic building, or rising rents, at first isolated and focusing purely on their local community struggle. They may even be just one person. Let’s call these groups ‘Save Toy Town Library’, ‘Tingle Estate Residents Group’ and ‘Stop the Bush Hall Development’. Groups start to find each other and create links. But rather than just showing solidarity over…

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