How to organise and take direct action

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There’s been a lot of interest this morning, from people disillusioned by party politics, in how to go about organising and taking direct action. So I thought I’d throw out a quick post with some practical tips.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like London, there may already be a vibrant movement – in which case, find an active local group, and go along to their meetings. If you’re in smaller towns and cities, or in a part of London that’s not yet kicking off, then those groups might not be on your doorstep – yet. But a movement has to start somewhere! So here are some tips for doing effective direct action wherever you are. This isn’t a checklist, but some ideas. What will work will vary with the area and with the issues focused on. And I’m no expert: this time last year I had never organised! But here’s what I’ve seen produce results since I’ve been involved:

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