Vote Muppet – you’ll get one anyway

Whoever you vote for, the Muppets always win

Many homes in the region are displaying election posters in the run up to May 7, but one house in Teesside has put up a sign with a difference.

John Spence, who lives in Valley Drive in Yarm, is encouraging everyone to ‘Vote Muppet’, and is displaying a sign in his front garden to illustrate to the point to passersby.

The sign includes an image of Kermit the frog, along with his message “Vote Muppet – you will get one anyway.”

The candidate profile for Kermit the frog includes “He has led the Muppets through crisis after crisis.”

The sign has prompted a strong reaction on social media, with one Twitter user describing the stunt as “absolutely brilliant” and saying “I love it and would do the same in our garden.”

Another user commented that he believed the Muppets were set for a “landside majority.”

Others have also made reference to other party leaders whilst tweeting about the sign. One wrote “Apparently someone put up an election poster saying Vote Muppet! Looks like David Cameron could be using two identities in Election Campaign.”

Source – Northern Echo, 06 May 2015

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