ELECTION 2015 – Food banks: ‘Most people at the school gates have used them’

Everybody going to vote this week ought to be made to read this before being allowed to place their X.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Reposted from the Guardian SocietyChaunte Campbell unpacks food from the food bank
Chaunte Campbell unpacks food from a food bank, including a tin of tuna donated by Neil Robson (pictured below); she plans to cook a tuna bake for her five-year-old son. Photograph: Mimi Mollica for the Guardian

Every week for the past year, Neil Robson has made a trip to his local Co-op and spent around £20 on a bag of shopping that he then carries to theWandsworth food bank in south London. Before he leaves home, he consults a list of the most-wanted items on their website, noting what they’re running out of (basic toiletries, UHT milk, tinned meat, tinned fish). This week he adds a tin of sustainably-sourced tuna to the bag.

Robson is a retired human resources manager in his 60s, who has never previously been involved in community charity projects. What drives him to make this regular gesture? “Anger. How…

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