The Labour Party Doesn’t Work With Nationalists? Pull The Other One

It’s an extremely strange stance to take, pre-election. All Miliband had to do was say; “Any coalition will depend on the results of the election – ask me again when we actually know the results”.

Either he is anticipating defeat and is looking for a handy scapegoat in advance – “if you’d voted Lab rather than SNP the Tories wouldn’t be back in power”…

Or maybe something else is going on behind the scenes ? Some kind of Con/Lab agreement, if not actual coalition ? At first sight that seems incredible, but Lab have much more in common with the tories nowadays than with SNP, Green, etc.

That’s probably a wild summise… on the other hand, how many Lib Dem voters last time thought they would be instrumental in ushering in 5 years of austerity ?

Guy Debord's Cat

Last night, Ed Miliband confirmed that he would not do a deal of any kind with the Scottish National Party. In the event of a hung parliament, Miliband and his Labour Party would seemingly prefer that the Tories formed the next government than seek a confidence and supply arrangement with the SNP. Yes, you read that correctly, Miliband is apparently happy to condemn the voters to five more years of Tory cruelty. Thanks a lot.

If the Labour Party has a problem with nationalism, then it is a selective problem. Labour has traditionally relied on the support of The Social Democratic and Labour Party of Northern Ireland – an Irish nationalist party. During the Lib-Lab pact of the late 1970s, the SDLP supported the Labour government of Jim Callaghan. The last time I checked, the SDLP still wanted a united Ireland. During the 2010 election, there was talk of Labour…

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