Greens Would Double Child Benefit And Save Disabled Persons Fund

The Green Party in government would double Child Benefit to £40 and reverse the closure of the Independent Living Fund.

Speaking at an event in Bristol, deputy leader Amelia Womack said it’s “scandalous” that families are forced to turn to food banks in the worlds sixth richest country.

“There are now 117 billionaires in the very same Britain where one in five workers earn less than a Living Wage”, she said.

Austerity hurts the most vulnerable people in society – punishing the poor and the vulnerable for the mistakes and fraud of the bankers.”

Amelia Womack said the Green Party would reverse the closure of the Independent Living Fund, which enables disabled people to live as independently as possible in their own homes – rather than residential care homes.

“Nearly 18,000 disabled people with high-support needs rely on the fund to live their lives with choice and control, rather than going into residential care or being trapped at home”, said Womack.

On 30th June the funding and responsibility of ILF care and support needs will transfer to local authorities. There is no obligation to use the money specifically for ILF.

“This cut in central Government funding puts at risk some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

“Keeping the Independent Living Fund would cost around £300 million – and I’m proud to say the Green Party is committing to doing just that. We won’t stand by while this lifeline is cut away.”

She added: “But the Green Party isn’t just opposed to cuts – we believe in doing more, much more, to redistribute income within our society.

“That’s why we’re being honest about the fact that we’d increase tax for the richest in society – and it’s why we’re able to pledge that we’d double child benefit to £40 a week. For the 29% of children here in Bristol West who live in poverty, this increase will be life changing.

“It’s bold policies like these that set the Green Party apart from others. We don’t offer half-measures, or minor changes.

“In the midst of such struggle in this country, the Green Party are offering something unique: hope. We make this one very clear promise to voters: we will always stand for an economy, a society, that works for the many, not just the few.

“That means our MPs will never blame the most vulnerable for the mistakes of those at the top.

“It means that our MPs won’t go into any sort of deal with the Tories. And it means we’ll give a Labour Government a backbone – but we won’t hesitate to vote against them to ensure we’re true to our principles.”

Source –  Welfare Weekly, 28 Apr 2015


  1. Chris


    Far bigger policies were kicked into the long grass by The Greens that would have ended penniless starvation from babes in wombs to grannies, in or out of work from May.

    The Greens voted alongside the Tories for austerity in the one council The Greens rule, Brighton.

    Predictions are that Lucas will lose Brighton.


    The Greens alongside the other parties in the media eye offer nil state pension for life from 2016.
    See why at end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    • untynewear

      Ok, you’ve convinced me… the Greens are rubbish.

      My other election choices are Lab, Con, Lib or Ukip… which would you rather have me vote for, if I dont vote Green ?

      I know you’re a partizan TUSC supporter, but you have to understand that they are an irrelevance to most of us in this election, as they are standing in less than a quarter of seats. Even if we want to vote for them, we cant.

      You can only work with what you’ve got in front of you, and we do have the Greens.

      What we dont need is to deteriorate into the old left-wing trap of “we’re purer left wing than you are.

      In this case, we really are “all in this together.” If TUSC ever get around to standing in my constituency, I’ll reconsider on the facts as they stand at the time…until then, I’m voting Green, because they are the best choice available to me.

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