Majority of North East university students set to vote Conservative, new poll reveals

The majority of students at two leading North East universities intend to vote Conservative in the forthcoming General Election, a new poll has revealed.

This is despite the party pushing up annual tuition fees for students to a maximum of £9,000 in 2012, up from £3,290.

The Student Politics 2015 poll, by independent research company High Fliers Research, is based on more than 13,000 face-to-face interviews with final year students at 30 UK universities.

Two North East universities, Durham and Newcastle, were represented in the survey and an overwhelming majority of students at both institutions voted in favour of the Conservatives.


At Durham University 45 per cent of students said they intended to vote Conservative at the General Election.

Only 27 per cent of finalists said they would be voting Labour, eight per cent Liberal Democrat and 17 per cent Green Party.

A small portion, two per cent, said they intended to vote for UKIP.

Down the road at Newcastle University, the political picture appears similar with 35 per cent saying they intend to vote Conservative at the May elections.

This is followed by 27 per cent of students voting Labour, three per cent Liberal Democrat and 29 per cent in favour of the Green Party. Only one per cent said they would be voting for UKIP.

Across the country, more than 30 per cent of students questioned intend to vote for Labour and the Conservative party in the forthcoming General Election.

A quarter of finalists plan to vote for the Green Party but only six per cent are backing the Liberal Democrats and just one per cent are UKIP supporters. Three per cent expect to vote for the SNP.

The Conservatives are the most popular party at 14 out of the 30 universities included within the survey and among the country’s greatest supporters are Durham University students.

Managing director of High Fliers Research, Martin Birchall, said:

“Our research not only confirms that first-time voters at the country’s top universities are set to vote for Labour and the Conservatives in almost equal numbers in the General Election but that there has been a huge surge in support for the Green Party on campus, taking them to within just a few percentage points of the two leading parties. By contrast, just six per cent of students are planning to vote Liberal Democrat, a quarter of the number who supported the party in 2010.”

> If true, then students deserve all the extra tuition fees they get heaped on them.

Source – Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 20 Apr 2015


  1. patricknelson750

    People can be pretty stupid. I was recently talking to a young nurse who was quite positive about the idea of the destruction of the NHS, having no idea of the great difference between working for the NHS and working for a private business.

  2. Chris


    The North East has its own party, that are ex Labour party members.

    This is part of their manifesto for jobs for these final year university students in the locality.

    …”Council tax will be scrapped and replaced with a fair property tax based on up to date property values returning £500 million to North East people per annum.

    This land is our land’ – an extra £1 billion per annum for investment in North East enterprise and jobs from a new affordable land tax.” …


    In a severe hung parliament, the sitting Tory government is obliged by the rules to remain in power in a caretaker government.

    So even with Labour getting more votes than Tories, Labour cannot win.

    A hung parliament means neither party reaches the
    326 MP minimum threshold to form to rule a UK palriament.

    What North East party say…”Every commentator is predicting that the Parliament elected on May 7th 2015 will be ‘hung’.
    No Party will have an overall majority and there may have to be considerable negotiation with smaller parties in order to create an effective Government.
    In these circumstances a few, or even one, North East Party Members of Parliament could hold enormous power to bargain for the new legislation that the North East needs.” …

    MP candidates running in:





    TUSC – 6th biggest party in the UK that the media will not tell you about
    as the true Labour the party once was


    Newcastle East voting area
    TUSC candidate
    Paul Phillips

    Meet your TUSC candidate:
    Pre-election rally, Tuesday 5th May 7.30pm, Corner House Hotel, Heaton Road, NE6 5RP

    This young man Paul Phillips is running for Newcastle East
    Paul says:
    Vote for an alternative to austerity.
    Vote for the NHS and public services.
    Say NO to cuts.
    Vote TUSC.

    TUSC offers:
    £10 per hour minimum wage.
    Ban zero hour contracts.
    Free, good quality education for all.
    Rent controls.
    Abolish the anti-trade union laws.

    Now why would not the university students vote for one or the other, dependent where they are registered to vote?

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