Fast food outlets treating workers like slaves, claim campaigners

Fast food outlets are treating employees like slaves, according to campaigners.

A global day of action saw people across the world take to the streets to highlight the plight of workers in the fast food industry, many of whom are on zero hour contracts.

Campaigners in the UK were largely organised by the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) who are calling for a £10 hourly minimum wage and the scrapping of zero hour contracts for those working at outlets like McDonalds, Burger King and KFC.

In Darlington, protestors from BFAWU and Darlington Against Cuts manned a stall close to McDonalds on Northgate and encouraged passersby to take up the fight against “slave labour”.

BFAWU representative Alan Milne said: “Zero hour contracts are going back to the dark ages.

“Fast food workers can go to work and be sent home with no pay despite paying expenses to get there or arranging child care.

“It’s fundamentally wrong and harks back to the shipyard days when people would stand outside waiting for work – it’s disgusting and needs to change.”

A former zero hours worker said:

“I worked in Darlington on a zero hour contract and had my work cut from 40 hours a week to 18.

 “That’s still above benefit levels so I couldn’t claim those and it’s absolutely disgusting, they’re treating people like slaves.

“It’s slave labour – what’s next, work camps?”

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) representative Alan Docherty called on workers to fight back.

He said:

“People are locked in these contracts as they rely on the money but they’re scared to speak out as if you upset your boss, you won’t get the hours.

“The only way to combat this is to get organised and fight back.”

Source – Northern Echo, 16 Apr 2015

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  1. Chris


    Bring in 113 TUSC alone just in England into UK parliament.

    In fact there are a lot of other parties that could also gain MPs, because the poor non-voter outnumbers all other voters today.

    So that is why I made my tiny personal website to put all these choices together in one place and inform that there is no such thing as a small party. Small is big in May. You might care to share on Twitter and Facebook with campaign groups.

    Leave the very old to vote in the so-called big parties in May,
    that cannot themselves reach the minimum threshold to form a UK parliament of 326 MPs.

    Only a group of parties can do that from now on.

    And the big parties cannot reach that from the Yougov polling prediction:

    277 Labour

    264 Tories

    28 Lib Dems (but further polls are predicting down to 19 MPs)

    4 UKIP

    DUP only 8 in Ulster

    People do not comprehend how if Labour has most votes they have not won. They cannot win without 326 MPs.


    In a severe hung parliament as predicted above.

    The Tories are obliged by the rules of UK parliament, to stay in government
    in a caretaker UK parliament.

    If the Tories concede to a second general election this year and we get the same low voter turnout,
    then we end up without a democracy i
    n the dictatorship of a TORY / LABOUR COALITION,
    with only a flying visit from Scotland of the SNP,
    a few Plaid Cymru and
    National Health Action party sat a few on their own across the floor of the House of Commons.

    Not enough to fight off the austerity that will turn us into a Greece, with our poor already as poor as east Europeans are today.

    HOW ENSURE REGISTERED TO VOTE (have only til Monday April 20th /

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