Blunder sees North West Durham Tory hopeful’s posters put up 150 miles away

An election bungle has seen a North East election hopeful’s campaign message directed at voters 150 miles away.

A billboard urging voters to back Charlotte Haitham Taylor, Conservative parliamentary candidate for North West Durham, on May 7 has been erected in Cleethorpes.

Mrs Haitham Taylor, a fine artist, will take on Labour candidate and former MP Pat Glass for the seat along with Owen Temple, the Liberal Democrat candidate, Bruce Reid, Ukip candidate, and Mark Shilcock standing for the Green Party.

But somehow, her campaign material ended up in Lincolnshire. Mrs Haitham Taylor said the error was made by the media agency responsible for putting up the posters.

 The poster for Charlotte Haitham Taylor in Cleethorpes
The poster for Charlotte Haitham Taylor in Cleethorpes

She said:

“It is deeply regrettable that the media agency have somehow managed to put up one of my election posters 150 miles away from where it should be.

“This has caused undue confusion for voters in Cleethorpes and for this I am very sorry.

“As soon as I was notified I took immediate action to remedy this. I am doing everything within my powers to ensure that the media agency correct their mistakes in a timely fashion.”

The 20ft-long poster on the main road into the seaside town has a giant photo of Conservative candidate Mrs Haitham-Taylor with the banner headline “A new vision for North West Durham”.

It is positioned just feet from a “welcome to Cleethorpes” sign.

Conservative candidate for Cleethorpes, Martin Vickers told the Grimsby Telegraph: “It’s nothing to do with me. They are allocated to a PR company.

“I know nothing about it. It is obviously a mistake.

“It is a national company which organises it. The company which is going around the country has made a mistake.”

Mr Vickers said he would report it to his party’s headquarters.

Source – Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 16 Apr 2015



  1. Chris

    TUSC candidates are nowhere to be seen in these voting areas, becaue the trade unions are not giving equal campaign funds to the parties of the poor of the left, that they gave to Labour, that is the sole way that Labour can come to power ever again.

    It really does not matter where the candidates running in these voting areas put their posters, they will be just as much ignored.

    All the parties have lost already.

    In a severe hung parliament, the Tories will just stay in power in a caretaker government, under the rules of UK parliament.

    The Tories have already won, with all the suffering that will bring for 5 years.

    The suffering will continue even if the Tories concede a second general election this year,
    because the expert pundits then predict a dictatorship of a Tory / Labour coalition,
    with no party on the opposition across the floor in the House of Commons’ Westminster London UK parliament,
    save a flying visit from Scotland’s SNP, even if they attained all 59 seats up there.

    Not voting in Cleethorpes or North West Durham is no loss.

    But for folk elsewhere, voting different is a Vote or Starve decision.

    Vote Different and Hope of Ending Starvation

    See how:

    • untynewear

      You can still vote Green in NW Durham – and just about every other North East constituency too. There’s also some North East Party (disillusioned ex-Labour) and the odd socialist and anti-hospital closure candidates too.

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