The Fire-fighter letter

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The firefighter letter

100 business leaders have signed a letter published in the Telegraph hailing the Conservatives economic plan.

Nobody should have expected anything less from profit driven capitalists whose only concern is the size of their bank balance rather than the size of the queue at the foodbanks.

I’m a serving firefighter.

My priorities lie elsewhere other than my bank balance.

I have written my own version of this letter below.

I encourage serving and retired firefighters to contact me to have your name added. Retweet it, put a link on Facebook. We must show that 100 FTSE 100 executives do not represent the British public. We value our public services far more than we value making a small percentage of already wealthy people more wealth.

Dear voters,

We are at the forefront of the emergency services in this country. We believe under no uncertain terms that the coalition government led by…

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