Half a million more people claiming housing benefit under coalition

Order Of Truth

hbenAs we have reported many times, the claims of the government that their so-called ‘austerity measures’ are saving money for the taxpayer are nothing more than lies. Simple.

In particular, their claim of saving money through housing benefit reforms are ridiculous and defy simple logic. Looking at the ramifications of their ill-thought-out policy shows that the housing benefit bill has risen considerably as a direct result of their incompetence and social engineering policies.

The following report is from The Guardian.

Britain’s failure to build affordable homes has led to a soaring housing-benefit bill – with half a million more people now relying on state hand-outs to pay their rent than when the coalition came to power, a damning new analysis reveals.

The coalition’s crackdown on welfare has failed to prevent an explosion in the number of people relying on state help in recent years, with a total of five…

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