Why can’t Britain create decent jobs? Meet the women struggling against low pay and zero-hours contracts

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Cecily Blyther
Cecily Blyther, a learning support officer, has been on a zero-hours contract for six years. Photograph: Mark Passmore for the Observer/AP

Sarah, 44, married with a son aged four, has a degree in modern languages, two master’s degrees, a PGCE teaching qualification and a PhD. She has 20 years’ experience in teaching. Each year, for the past four and a half years, her contracts as a lecturer at two universities have been renewed only days before the start of the academic year, meaning she has continual breaks in employment.

She is entitled after four years to request a permanent contract that brings with it improved employment rights, security and a chance to improve her pension. Illegally, her requests have been ignored. Instead Sarah’s wages have stuck at about £23,000, £4,000 below the average UK salary at a time when the cost of living has risen…

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