TUSC announces Darlington parliamentary candidate

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has announced its candidate to to fight the Darlington parliamentary seat in the General Election will be Alan Docherty.

Mr Docherty, a trade union member and environmental activist, who has lived and worked in Darlington for more than 40 years on the railways and at Darlington Borough Council, said he knows the town and the issues it is facing well.

He is the former branch secretary of the Darlington local government branch of Unison, is the co-ordinator of Darlington Trades Union Council’s Darlington Against Cuts group and secretary of the Teesside Socialist Party.

Mr Docherty regularly campaigns in the town and across Teesside for trade union, anti cuts and environmental groups.

The TUSC’s policies include bringing the railways, buses, utilities and the postal service back into public ownership; no cuts to public services; investment in green energy; nationalising the banks and stopping tax avoidance.

Mr Docherty said:

“We consider that the Labour Party no longer represents the interest of ordinary people.

“It is publicly committed to economic policies, similar to those of the Lib Dems, Conservatives and UKIP, that will continue to reduce people’s living standards and cut public services.

“It is our aim to reverse the false message that austerity and cuts are the only way to rebuild the economy. We can and will change the face of politics in Britain too’.

The TUSC was co-founded in 2010 by the late Bob Crow, former Rail and Maritime Trade Union (RMT) leader, to enable trade unionists, community campaigners and socialists to stand anti-austerity candidates against the pro-austerity establishment parties.

 TUSC will also stand candidates in the local elections in Darlington.
Source –  Northern Echo,  24 Feb 2015

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  1. Chris

    Benefit Tales

    Stroke survivor forced to sell home after being stripped of disability benefits
    19 March 2015

    TUSC is not a small party, but is running in 1/6th of the seats for MP candidates.

    TUSC is getting very little coverage in blogs, and absolutely nothing in the national press and national TV news.

    TUSC getting MPs for the London Westminster, will utterly change Labour.

    Never again will sufficient people come out to vote to form a government in London of the UK parliament of ONE PARTY alone.

    TWO PARTIES in coalition will still be insufficient this general election.

    The pundits predict the most severe hung parliament in UK history.

    A multi party coalition works in Europe long before there was an EU and continues to this day, very successfully.

    So this general election can only be with an arm’s length group of parties reaching the threshold of at least 323 MPs to form a majority to shut out the Tories.

    Because the Tories are talking of just sitting in government even if Tories lose their seats.

    The Tories and Lib Dems cannot do that, if a group of parties shut them out of ruling government, by people voting different parties.

    I am doing what little I can to inform that the small left wing parties do not need 100s of MPs to actually win.

    And that voters only need to bring in SOME of the left wing small parties, to make them BIG.

    Labour alone, even with the Scottish SNP, cannot get past the Tories.

    And old Daily Mirror headline, in the days of The Beatles ran

    Labour Surge
    But Tories Still In Command.

    The party names and logos to put pencil cross by on Thursday 7 May is on my personal website, and hope is helpful to you:


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