MPs’ inquiry: Five things we’ve learned about benefit sanctions

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From the effects on claimant health, to why you are more likely to be sanctioned if you sign on in Derby, there was much to learn from this week’s sanctions inquiry hearing

Jobseekers enter a jobcentre plus in London.
Jobseekers enter a jobcentre plus in London.Photograph: Rex Features/Rex Features

I learned more than five things about benefit sanctions at this week’s work and pensions select committee hearing (watch proceedings here). But these five stood out for me.

1. It’s official: sanctions are bad for your health.

The following piece of Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) guidance for jobcentre staff was brought to the attention of MPs by Alison Garnham, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group:

It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their health if they were without

1. essential items, such as food, clothing, heating and accommodation…

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