Berwick Greens make progress

The Berwick Green Party has confirmed that is intends to have its general election candidate in place by the end of the month.

Karl Robins is the co-ordinator for the newly-formed constituency party. The party has also announced that its next meeting is scheduled to place in the south of the constituency on Saturday, January 31.

A statement from the Berwick Greens said:

“With the party accelerating in national opinion polls, the Berwick upon Tweed Constituency Green Party intend to have a candidate in place by the end of January so that the task of fighting the general election can begin in earnest.

“Having watched and listened while friends and neighbours across the border took their future so seriously throughout last year’s referendum debate, it seems that many in Northumberland now want to take a more active role in deciding their own future.

“Setting up a party organisation from scratch, there is a lot to be put in place in a very short time, but there is clear and enthusiastic support from existing members, and a huge expression of interest from the general public.

“Local party officials have asked the public to bear with them while the necessary structures are put in place at a local level.”

○For more info about the party, email Karl Robins at

Source –  Berwick Advertiser,  20 Jan 2015

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