New Year Election Blues

Sunderland Echoes


The new year brings the first round of election bullshit as the general election media circus starts revving up. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of it already.


Labour supporters are constantly warning that we can’t take 5 more years of Tory rule. What do Labour offer? Austerity but with a nice balloon? Cuts totalling £billions but with a sad face? Saying ‘sorry about that’ as they fuck us over?


People have already stated whining about how not voting makes you a terrible person, responsible for the nation’s ills. They say you have to vote…but only for the parties *they* approve of.


In Scotland all the Yes! voters will be queuing up to laugh in the faces of labour losers in Scotland.

Good luck with the SNP but I don’t think it will be much better if at all. It will be funny to watch this idiot squirm…

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