Coward MP: food banks are only visited by “those with drug, alcohol and mental health problems”

Order Of Truth

winnbanksIn an incredibly callous Twitter post, Tory councillor, Mark Winn claimed that “…the people visiting food banks are those with drug, alcohol + [sic] mental health problems” after he watched an episode of Casualty which had a storyline of a woman suffering from malnutrition.

Winn claimed that the episode was the BBC supporting “Labour propaganda rubbish”.

The backlash from other Twitter users forced Winn to delete his Twitter account.

Winn is also a civil servant with the Ministry of Defence and until recently held an appointment on Buckinghamshire council’s health scrutiny committee, as well as being a councillor on Aylesbury council.

Some of the responses to Winn’s tweet were:

“Are you serious? People visiting food banks are the most vulnerable in society – you should be ashamed of your attitude!” by Daniel Holland.

“Hideous on so many levels and totally unsurprising from a Tory” wrote Lyttle Green.

“Also, even if…

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