Candidates bemoan poor turnout in Washington East by-election

Candidates in the Washington East by-election have criticised voters who stayed at home instead of heading to the polling stations.

Labour’s Tony Taylor was voted onto to the seat vacated by disgraced party colleague Neville Padgett in the Sunderland City Council by-election.

But just 23.4 per cent turned out to vote – 2,026 people out of a total electorate of 8,672.

Coun Taylor took home 775 votes, ahead of the runner-up, Conservative Hilary Johnson, at 595 votes.


Conservative Hilary Johnson said:

“We did better than we did last time, we increased our share, we had a four per cent swing. But all I really want to say is that I was so disappointed with the turn-out – 23.4 per cent is pathetic. Less than 400 voted on the day in the polling stations.” 

UKIP’s Alistair Baxter, said:

“It was disappointing. I was hoping to be in second.

“It was alarming that so few people even bothered, 75 per cent didn’t do anything. That really questions the validity of the whole process.”

> The consensus seems to be that the voters were pathetic, then. 

It probably wouldn’t occur to those candidates that the fault may lie with them, that the majority may think that they are just not worth turning out for.

Source –  Sunderland Echo,  13 Dec 2014




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