Notoriously Militant

Durham Community Support Centre

Joint event with the People’s Bookshop: Sheila Cohen – ‘Notoriously Militant: The Story of a Union Branch at Ford Dagenham’

Dear Comrades

I wanted to let you know about a great little event that we are organising at the the People’s Bookshop in Durham. On the Friday, 28th of November, we’ve invited Sheila Cohen to talk about her new book on TGWU branch 1/1107 at Ford Dagenham, ‘Notoriously Militant’. We’ve organised this partly to “re-launch” the trades council in Durham after we’ve seen a drop off in involvement over the last 6-9 months. We think that Sheila’s talk will be of great interest, not just to Unite members, but to trade union activists and members who are interested in organising right across the board. It should be a lively and interesting evening, with Sheila introducing a number of fascinating discussion points. If you’ve never been to the People’s Bookshop for…

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