Any job is better than no job ?

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gcgLast week, sandwich company Greencore hit the headlines by flying executives to Hungary on a mission to recruit staff for their new factory in Northampton claiming that they were unable to fill vacancies locally, even though there are 7,800 jobless in the town.

Looking deeper into Greencore’s operation, an investigation by the Mirror reveals that one of the reasons Greencore are looking abroad is because of a row over a 6p and hour pay rise, which could lead to industrial action as workers (on £6.50 an hour) battle for the small increase.

Working conditions at the company, which supplies sandwiches to Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Asda among other companies, have been described as ‘horrendous’ by workers and union representatives.

Perhaps Greencore prefer workers who either don’t know or have little knowledge of their employment rights.

From The Mirror:

The UK’S biggest sandwich firm that claimed it can’t find…

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