North East latest unemployment figures

The unemployment rate in the North East was revealed today as 9.4%.

The figure for July to September is the same as the figure for the previous quarter.

However the actual numbers for those unemployed is down from 120,000 to 117,000. Although that represents a 1.3% fall in numbers, this hasn’t affected the overall percentage figure as more people have entered the job market.

> As usual, no mention of how many of that 1.3% are people who have been sanctioned or have just signed off and vanished.

The Office for National Statistics report revealed mixed news for men and women workers.

In the 16 to 64 age group, the unemployment rate for men has dropped since the last quarter – April to June – from 9.6% to 8.7%.

Over the same period, it has gone up for women from 9.2% to 10%.

But Employment Minister Esther McVey said the amount of women in work in the North East since last year has actually gone up.

She said:

“The North East had the second largest annual rise in the female employment rate of all UK regions – up 1.9 percentage points to 64.6%, so as the economy continues to grow, more and more people are having their lives transformed by moving into work.”

> Right – so the official figures say female unemployment rose, but McVile says really things are improving. That makes perfect sense…

They revealed that average weekly pay has fallen from £456 to £422 since the last quarter – about a 7.5% drop. Year-on-year the figure has fallen from £438, a 3.7% fall.

Source –  Newcastle Evening Chronicle,  12 Nov 2014

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