Call centre employee fined £50 ‘toilet tax’ for loo breaks



Such a good thing that we no longer have things like trade unions upsetting the smooth running of business, isn’t it ?

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

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Still think that the tories making it more difficult for employees to take their employer to an employment tribunal is a good thing? Read this …

Call centre employee fined £50 'toilet tax' for loo breaks
Solution Marketing deny imposing a ‘toilet tax’ (Picture: Richard Pohle/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

A Welsh call centre company, Solution Marketing, has been called out by an MP for fining an employee £50 for having multiple loo breaks.

The business which specialises in selling telecommunication and insurance products and services, had logged every time he used the facilities

A source close to the man told The Sun: ‘He asked for an explanation and he was shown a list of times when he had taken toilet breaks that month.

‘It made him angry enough to bring it to his MP.’

Madeleine Moon MP asked the Leader of the House, William Hague, for a discussion on the so-called ‘toilet tax’ in parliament.

Mr Hague responded stating…

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