Jokers set up fake Scotland-England border control

The checkpoint at Carter Bar, near Jedburgh. Picture: Jon Parker Lee

Led by photographer Jon Parker Lee, a mixed group of Scottish and English friends have set up a fake border control post at Carter Bar – the point where traffic travelling up the A68 crosses from England into Scotland.

Giving the gag an authentic look, the jokers erected a barrier and donned high visibility jackets, making the  checkpoint look legitimate to anyone approaching in a car. They even included a sign which read ‘Opens 19 Sept 2014’, a reference to the day after the referendum when the results will be announced.

Lee stated the motivation behind the stunt had no affinity to either the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ campaign. They just wanted to give everyone a little break from the seriousness of the referendum run-in.

“We’re not making a point for either side,” Lee told the Daily Mail.

We’ve staged this together as a group of Scotland and English. We’re simply united in having a laugh.

“Come what may, we all love a wind-up, and maybe this will give everyone a laugh and a break from the ever-increasing heat of the debate.”

Source – Berwick Advertiser,  16 Sept 2014

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