Benefits Street ‘to feature fake tan grandmother known as Orange Dee’

> Oh dear, oh dear – people will just line up to be exploited, won’t they ?

The second series of Benefits Street, which is being filmed in Stockton, will reportedly feature a grandmother-of-six known as Orange Dee.

Dot Taylor, 48, is due to appear on the programme when it airs on Channel 4 early next year.

Mrs Taylor told the Daily Mirror : “I’m fun, me – because of my size. I’m only little, I’m only 4ft 11ins.

“I wouldn’t mind being the next White Dee. I’m not horrible, I’m nice to people.”

One of the main characters in the first series was ‘White Dee’, 43-year-old Deirdre Kelly, who is currently taking part in Celebrity Big Brother.

Mrs Taylor added: “I could go in there after this, the things I’d get up to, it would be brilliant.”

She told the Daily Mirror how she had previously worked in a crisp factory but had now “given up” looking for a job.

I stopped working for the kids,” she said.

Most of them [job adverts] they say you have to have loads of qualifications, but most people who even have the qualifications can’t get a job anyway.”

Love Productions, the company making the series, has insisted the show is not about “exploitation” but giving a “voice to a community that don’t really” have one.

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has warned the residents of Kingston Road are “being set up for entertainment purposes“.

Source –  Middlesbrough Evening Gazette,  29 Aug 2014

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