UK’s Poorest Regions Worst Off Among Northern European Countries


Source: Inequality Briefing - Twitter
Source: Inequality Briefing – Twitter

The poorest regions in the UK are by far the poorest in all of Northern Europe and much more unequal, figures suggest.

Source –  Welfare News Service,  22 Aug 2014


  1. A6er

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    We’ve always had it tough in the North East compare to other places but its the legacy of this Tory led coalition, and particularly IDS’s and McVey’s DWP cruel mismanagement, that have now placed us amongst the poorest of Northern Europe.

  2. thoughtfullyprepping

    Many times I call the UK the UNTIED Kingdom.
    Better just accept it as the new multicultural, multiracial, and politically correct landscape of modern Britain. After all those who protest that or ask “Why” are summarily executed, MEDIA STYLE.

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