Unemployed Britons To Blame For High Levels Of Immigration, Says IDS

> Call the nurses – he’s got out of his padded cell again…

The UK is attracting high levels of immigration because the benefit system in allowing too many British born people to escape work, says Iain Duncan Smith.

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions will further demonise benefit claimants in a speech on Monday. He will say that immigrants are coming to the UK because unemployed Brits are preferring to live on benefits, rather than accepting the jobs on offer.

 In a speech to be delivered to an audience in London, Iain Duncan Smith will say:

Immigration into the UK is a supply and demand issue. Businesses needed the labour and because of the way our benefit system was constructed, too few of the economically inactive took the jobs on offer.”

He will add: “This economy can never be where it should, holding its own in this tough world marketplace, unless British families play a full productive part in that plan.”

> Situation normal – “Its not our fault, it’s yours. And we’re going to punish you for it.”

Iain Duncan Smith is also expected to say that the government’s welfare policies have cut social security by £2.5 billion. However, the claim is highly contested by Labour who argue that the government has over-spent on social security by as much as £13 billion.

Rachel Reeves MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said:

David Cameron’s government has failed to control social security spending and is set to overspend on welfare by a staggering £13 billion.

“Under Iain Duncan Smith housing benefit spending is rising, not falling. The number of working people claiming housing benefit is set to double between 2010 – 2018 costing every British household £488.

“The Government’s flagship welfare reforms are in chaos. Millions of taxpayers money has been wasted on the £12.8billion Universal Credit which less than 7000 people are claiming.”

The Conservative Party is expected to pledge more cuts to welfare spending in their 2015 election manifesto.

The right-wing think tank Policy Exchange, who have close ties to Number 10, are also calling on the Tories to reduce the £26,000 benefit cap outside of London and the South East.

> IDS has obviously lost the plot,  he may well be insane. But all his nonsense will be lapped-up by the right-wing press, trumpted by Tory MPs  ever eagre to put the blame elsewhere…  and in a minute Milliband will be along to promise to be even harder on the worst off, because that appears to be his idea of politics.

How much longer can it go on ?

Source – Welfare News Service, 11 Aug 2014


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