Region’s first pro-cannabis rally to take place in Redcar on Saturday

Cannabis users from all over the country will gather en-masse in the region on Saturday.

The first major cannabis-based event to be held in the North-East will take place in Redcar on Saturday, August 2.

As part of their campaign to legalise the drug for medicinal use, ‘cannabis clubs’ from across the area have banded together to organise the rally, which will feature a number of speakers and the opportunity to meet campaigners.

It has been partly organised by the Teesside Pro-Cannabis Movement (TPCM) which recently pledged to plant cannabis at every well-known landmark in the North-East – a symbolic protest and a free supply for medicinal users, according to organisers.

The movement was established by a father-of-three, a disabled man in his 40s and a professional woman of 50 in a bid to decriminalise the drug.

A joint statement from the TPCM and the Tyne and Wear Cannabis Social Club invites the public to hear their side of the drugs debate on Saturday.

It says: “Redcar is a small town with a tight knit community of salt of the earth North-Easterners and the last thing any of us organising this event want is any disruption to the lives of the community at large.

“We would like to invite anyone in the area who wants to know more about this debate to come along and meet us, listen to our speakers, talk to the people within the movement and see what it is we’re fighting so hard for.

“Stand with us to end unjust legalisation and let us open your mind to the possibilities of a brighter future through the removal of cannabis from the controlled substances act.”

The organisers also urged attendees to work with the police and cooperate wherever possible.

Addressing the police, they list the alleged benefits of cannabis and say: “In a time of biting austerity that’s affecting people far and wide the last thing we want is a huge police presence that is only going to take money from the public coffers of the Redcar community.

“We want this to go off peacefully and without hitches as much as you do.”

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police said they would be monitoring the event and dealing robustly with anyone engaging in antisocial or criminal behaviour.

Alcohol is prohibited at the event.

Source – Northern Echo,  31 July 2014

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