Iain Duncan Smith To Be Replaced Following Welfare Reform Fiasco, Claims Tory Insider

David Cameron is preparing to replace Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, according to a Tory insider.

The move comes following the misery caused to thousands of disabled and vulnerable benefit claimants by the highly controversial bedroom tax, as well as delays caused in the rollout of Universal Credit and the £40 billion (plus) in IT software which had to be written off.

 According to a Tory insider, who has spoken to the Sunday People, Iain Duncan Smith will be shifted out of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to become the new Defence Secretary, a position he was offered two years ago but later withdrawn after he threatened to quit the cabinet.

The new position at the Defence Department will be presented to Iain Duncan Smith as a ‘promotion’, to allow the former Tory Party leader to save face. It is understood that the job of Defence Secretary is the only position Iain Duncan Smith is prepared to accept.

> Well, that’s the end of the armed forces, then ! Either that or he’ll start WWIII…

Replacing Iain Duncan Smith at the DWP is the only way to get Universal Credit back on track and open the way to scrapping the hated ‘bedroom tax’, the Sunday People reports.

The Tory insider told the Sunday People:

It’s the only position IDS is prepared to take to abandon his post at DWP – he will save face because it can be presented as a promotion.

“The only way Cameron can change policy at DWP is to change the personnel.”

Rumors first surfaced yesterday, after a commuter overheard a conversation on a train. According to Sarah Quinney, a stage manager from Chichester, she overheard Iain Duncan Smith’s special adviser say IDS was to be moved from the DWP. However, the rumor was later dismissed as “complete fabrication”.

Today’s report in the Sunday People will pile yet more confusion on the fire. Ultimately we won’t know for sure whether IDS is to be replaced until David Cameron announces his cabinet reshuffle on Monday.

Que sera sera (whatever will be, will be).


Read more: Sunday People via Daily Mirror.

Source – Welfare News Service, 12 July 2014



  1. h murray

    Yipee. ! Great to hear. Just before the s..t was certainly going to hit the fan. This lunatic duncan smith and esther slimey mcvey have made mental illness worse!!!…..They were left too long……destroyed plenty of youths who are neither employed or jobseekers.
    Why put them through school and college till 19 then treat them like s..t???… what about the SLIDING SCALE NOne DePendant DeDUctionS ???…… so my sons mates whose very fortunate parents own their houses can earn what the f..k they like and give mummy £20 a month…….presumably to cover the costs of wiping their spoilt little arses!!!!……..yet because I am even more f..ked up now watching my son sanctioned over and over stamped on before even started. …….Then finds job 18 hours a day delivering for fuc.ing CURRYS via subcontractor of KNOWHOW….robbing ba..ards. £65 day…taxed £270 take home (90 hour week drivers mate delivering consumerist shite..actually…uninstalling old appliance installing new…..carrying freezers up 3 flights stairs till 10pm/11pm startin/setting off 5.30am.
    Then council wants £76 off him. Off my rent because I am sick. And no I don’t get pip/dla. Let’s remember also. If I did get dla he would be sheltered from these deductions. Is it right my son is trea differently. Parents get dla/own own home their kids haven’t got this f..king burden!!!!

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