Bishop of Durham urges North East to give evidence on food banks

The Bishop of Durham has urged people in the North to provide evidence to a Parliamentary inquiry into food banks when it visits the region next month.

Members of the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty will visit South Shields on July 4 to gather evidence into the causes and extent of hunger in Britain and what can be done to alleviate it.

Bishop Paul Butler, who is a long-time supporter of food banks and has clashed with the Government over them, said: “The group is anxious to hear from those who find themselves in food poverty and also from groups and volunteers who are working to try and help through the provision of food assistance.

“This has become a major issue for society and I urge North East people to provide evidence to the inquiry. The group is keen to meet with those who have needed food assistance and those who provide this practical support.

“This is a chance for the North East to inform national decision-making on this crucial issue.”

On July 4, the group will visit the South Tyneside Churches Together Key Project at St Mary’s Centre, Tyne Dock, which provides assistance to young people and those under 25, and also the New Hope Food Bank in South Shields

Later in the afternoon there will be a chance people and groups involved in food banks to provide evidence to the group, which is being chaired by veteran MP Frank Field and the Bishop of Truro, the Right Revd Tim Thornton.

Source –  Newcastle Journal,  09 June 2014


  1. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Nick Couling at the DWP in the week started sputtering about the rise in food banks being due to ‘Christian evangelism’ as a means of denying that they were really a response to poverty. Partly it’s a response to the numbers using food banks acting as an independent indicator of poverty, whose stats the Tories can’t manipulate. It’s also probably due to very vocal opposition from members of the clergy and their backing for food banks, from the Archbishop of Canterbury on down, through to the Bishop of Durham. No doubt for all his pretence at pious Catholicism, IDS feels that the knights, who murdered Thomas A Becket on the orders of Henry II were sadly maligned.

    • untynewear

      Blair’s Minister of Welfare Reform, Field viewed his task as “thinking the unthinkable” in terms of social security reform – I think we can all read between the lines there.

      The same Frank Field who said that Margaret Thatcher “is certainly a hero” and that “I still see Mrs T from time to time – I always call her ‘Mrs T’, when I talk to her.” (This was before she died – at least, I assume it was…)

      The same Frank Field who supports the return of national service to tackle growing unemployment and instil “a sense of order and patriotism” in Britain’s young men and women.”

      The same Frank Field who was named as the 100th most-influential right-winger in the United Kingdom by the Telegraph.

      And of course, like Blair, IDS, etc he’s religious – a practising Anglican, a former chairman of the Churches Conservation Trust, and a member of the Church of England General Synod.

      Wouldn’t trust the fucker further than I could kick him.

      • Ulysses

        But it was a rhetorical question..
        Another one who’s back needs to feel the wall , along with his mate David Freud, shortly after he’s tried and sentenced for his complicity in the current state of affairs.
        It’s no good accusing IDS of genocide without holding the Conspirators to account also

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